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working in garage

Garage Lighting Ideas

Posted on July 23, 2018

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Category: Home, Technology

The case for good quality lighting in the garage

Many people do not really think about the value of getting lights for this crucial place. This is because they have relegated the importance of the garage to the background and therefore do not care what goes on there. Since there are a number of functions that the garage plays in the home, one of the most valuable things you can provide is lighting in order to enhance visibility in this place. Let us then take a look at the issue of garage light in greater detail.

It is important to note that there are several portions of the garage. There could be the workshop area which also needs some amount of light. Indeed the garage light for this area should be much more focused. You can even make use of some great ideas like the introduction of movable task lights. These would include those like the drop down and clip-on styles. The reason why they are a great choice is because of their versatility. These drop lights are available in a number of sizes and styles so that it can match the budgets and desires of shop owners and homeowners.

In order to effectively work on your car in the garage, the garage light should be one that is convenient and bright. One of the best options would be the overhead fluorescent lights which are very much good for the main light fixtures in the garage. It is important to note that these are illuminating and very bright in nature and therefore are capable of offering the most light for your garage. It can even fill the areas that are very dark in the garage like the corners of the place.

There is no doubt that the garage is a very crucial functional part of the home. It provides the best place for us to park our cars. Apart from this, it provides the best opportunity to perform any kind of maintenance on our cars, and some could even use it as an area for workshop. That is the main reason why there is the need to go in for the best kind of garage light. This way it would make the performance of these functions easier and simple. Since some garages do not have windows, the garage lights are the only means of effective visibility.

Buying Garage Lights

If you are looking to install new or replace your old garage lights, it’s important that you choose the best lights of your garage. There are certain factors that you must check in these lights before buying. First, they need to be energy saving. You don’t want anything that will increase your monthly energy bills, but you want something that will perform well but still save energy. Another thing is durability and performance. They need to stand the test of time while providing sufficient light to your garage. Lastly, don’t choose the cheap lights just to save money. Be ready to spend some few dollars on something durable, high quality, and that will serve you for a long time without major issues.  Helping you to get the right equipment, we refer you to carlysis long list of led garage lights over at their helpful website.

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Will the internet replace TV?

Posted on February 15, 2018

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Category: Internet

The entertainment industry became the multi-billion network we know today because of TV and the invention of the cinemas. Movies and TV shows helped build careers of pop stars, movie idols, and entertainment icons. Fashion was already a growing area of fanaticism with a strong following among women in the early 20th century. It wasn’t until the invention of TV that it exploded into the popular culture most of us would recognize it today.

The question now is, with the coming of new forms of getting entertainment content on the internet, is the television set in danger of getting extinct? This is a possibility, but most people would agree that this will most likely not be the case. One example of medium resiliency in the face of change are magazines and newspapers. Even in today’s age where you can access the news through your smartphone and other devices, the printing press continues to flourish and not to mention rake billions of dollars of revenue year after year. Whether or not television will experience the same success is still an area for debate.

The coming of YouTube and Netflix removed TV as the lone source of movies and motion picture entertainment. Today, many of the shows that are critically acclaimed are hosted and broadcasted on the internet. You no longer need to have a TV network to get a TV show aired. With an online platform and an effective marketing scheme, you can make a video the next viral sensation talked about on the internet.

Everything becomes famous and marketable when the online community is talking about it. The ability of the internet to allow a medium for users to interact and provide their reaction, to a movie or a performance they have watched makes it superior to television. TV has been accused many times of manipulating the news and public opinion, and this is large because it is a unidirectional means of providing information. In the 80s people would easily believe what the news anchor is telling them with very few taking the effort to dig into the details. If a fake news surfaces on the internet, the person that release the information can easily lose credibility with just one comment from a user or a tweet from a celebrity.

The internet has made it easier for users to express their opinion which is something TV has deprived its viewers for many years. Before the internet, the viewers are only able to express their like or dislike for something within their social network, unlike now where anyone can have the worlds ears and eyes to listen and see.
Despite the many advantages of the internet over television, the fact remains that television is not bound to go extinct soon. This is for a very specific and smart strategy that television networks employed. Instead of treating the internet as a threat to their existence, they made it into a partner. This is the same key strategy that allowed the printing press to continue thriving. Television shows now have their sites hosted on the internet where users can interact, discuss, and provide feedback. Many of the television networks also hosted their shows online and represented themselves in social media.

One key example of how effective this method is is the HBO original series Game of Thrones. The show is the most watched in recent years and is exclusively premiered on TV. What made it so popular was the hype it brought online. HBO used the internet to create a build up for the show by combining marketing tactics with technical expertise. The effort was a risk, but it worked. Though the internet is a more superior medium, television will be here to stay for many more years.

Yet another example of the outstanding ability to get the material you want with ease on the Internet is an outlet like Hulu, providing what a glorious age we are in right now.